February 13, 2013

COMIXOLOGY: Digital Comics Price Difference

Digital comics offer a tremendous value to newer readers with affordability and steady prices for back-issues. However, after careful inspection, you should shop around for the best value.

DC Comics for the most part, lowers prices on their digital comics after a month has passed from that title's release date.  It's a great incentive to get readers to try out titles from their normal shopping habits. It does make a small difference where you download the lower cost back-issue title from though. Comparing both the standalone DC Comics app and Comixology app, which incidentally provides the service to DC Comics, you'll notice a significant change in price, for back-issue comics:

DC Comics App (left) and Comixology App (right)

Prices were verified again as of this posting. Now these New 52 titles aren't even fairly recent so the prices via Comixology, should be offered at a discount to the consumer. We'll have to guess that internal costs are a factor for Comixology's premium prices for these titles.

Our advice: shop around before you take that digital leap!

Download the DC Comics App for iPhone and iPad:

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