February 18, 2013

Review: Dia De Los Muertos

Artist Riley Rossmo handles the visual chores in the first issue of this anthology miniseries. Bringing a batch of vibrant stories all involving death and the afterlife together in this debut issue, Rossmo and his writers will leave you dying for more!

Joining Rossmo on the writing duties for three stores are Alex Link in "Dead but Dreaming", Christopher Long in "Reflections" and Dirk Manning "Te Vas Angel Mio'".  Each story examines the impact of the dead, the afterlife and their lingering effects on the living.

In "Dead but Dreaming", the protagonist Katrina reminisces on her past, trying to find a way to connect to her dead mother. A cautionary tale that has consequences for those who venture through the outskirts of the dead! In "Reflections", the title is a play on words as our darkest sins are ever so magnified when we see them for ourselves in the mirror. In "Te Vas Angel Mio", love knows no boundaries even when it comes to death as a singer, grips with the possible return of his deceased wife.

Rossmo and team capture every emotion under the spectrum here with three short tales of sorrow, evil and melancholy. Rossmo's frenetic artwork mixed with powerful colors, add that extra touch to this anthology. Each story left me quite somber though with the last story leaving me hoping our antagonist gets his wish. Do not miss this magnificent offering from Rossmo and Image Comics!

Final Verdict: A

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