April 30, 2013

DC Comics Villains Month: Earth 2

For DC Comics' rumored special "Villains Month" coming this fall, which villain would grace the cover of the Earth 2 series?

As chatter and excitement builds for the possible September 2013 DC Comics "Villains Month" cover/issue event (a villain appears and takes the name of that particular issue), we examine some likely candidates for DC Comics' Earth 2 series. There's only been a handful of villains recently introduced in the parallel world of the New 52.

Which of these villains could possibly be featured on the cover?

Steppenwolf: The most likely candidate by far considering his conquest of the entire parallel Earth continues. His evil presence permeates through the Earth-2 and is responsible for the death of that world's trinity of heroes.

Solomon Grundy: the champion of The Gray was the first villain encountered by the new Wonders of Earth 2. After a battle with both the World Army and our Wonders, Green Lantern Alan Scott was able to defeat this monster. Could Grundy make his way back to The Gray and plague Earth-2 once again? It's possible.

Mr. Terrific: the former team mate of the original trinity, Sloan betrayed his associates in the events leading up to their final stand against Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips. His underlying machinations behind the scenes could have him end up as the candidate for the Villains Month issue.

The Wonders and World Army fight the threat of Solomon Grundy!

Our pick: Steppenwolf - considering he is the main threat ever since the book began, we think he'll get the nod for the special Villains Month cover! Stay tuned!

Info via Collected Editions

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