September 30, 2014

Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon: Be Good

The unlikely pairing of Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon after the fall of the prison sanctuary, is one of the highlights of The Walking Dead Season 4.  In the episode "Alone", Beth sings to Daryl during a quiet moment on the run from danger. Here's actress Emily Kinney's official music video for that cover song.

Beth and Daryl find solace and refuge in a funeral home, after they escape from The Governor's attempted takeover of the prison.  Beth sings "Be Good" to Daryl in a tender moment away from the dangers of the world around them. That song is actually on actress and singer Emily Kinney's album "Expired Love". Check out the official video for "Be Good":

Get the song from Emily Kinney's album and The Walking Dead Season 4 on home video below:

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