May 30, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Annual 1

The origin of Al Pratt takes center stage along with a few guest stars. Oh, and the debut of the Earth 2 Batman makes this annual, a can't miss!

After seeing him fight our reluctant Earth 2 wonders, writer James Robinson finally shines the spotlight on the New 52 version of Al Pratt. It's an emotional story to say the least, filled with painful flashbacks for this World Army veteran, pained with combat experience. Robinson showcases Pratt as a man tormented with guilt over his new powers and riddled with the tragic memories of the events that changed his life forever. Several haunting panels takes readers back into the past to experience what Pratt underwent. What struck me is that Robinson seemingly challenges the readers to choose over liking Pratt and the World Army or the renegade Wonders of the Justice Society. This annual certainly makes it more tougher to choose between these factions. However, Earth 2 annual 1 is not all about Pratt though as Robinson brings new heroes and even New Gods into this storyline, and leaves enough subplots for future stories to come.

The art team of Cafu and Julius Gopez provide some quality artwork in the Earth 2 annual. A story filled with drama and emotion isn't without some action as Robinson debuts the new Dark Knight of Earth 2.  Though not revealing the character's identity, Robinson portrays as a violent new hero coming to Pratt's aid and in a different adventure, wiping out evil-doers with swift and absolute justice! I'm definitely liking this character already. This is an annual not to be missed as Robinson blends new characters and classic ones in the Earth 2 world. There's enough surprises and guest appearances for readers to hold onto to this book for quite a while!

Final Verdict: A

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