July 5, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 14

War is at hand! Dr. Fate, The Flash and Green Lantern bring the fight straight to Steppenwolf with some surprise results!

It’s the battle readers have been waiting to see as writer James Robinson places our new Wonders straight into intergalactic and global affairs, with the attack on Steppenwolf! This saga has long been teased in the first and second arcs of the Earth 2 series and Robinson and artist Nicola Scott solidly deliver another action-packed issue. Though the plan to just venture in Steppenwolf’s land and raise hell seemed a bit too extreme and outrageous for our heroes to actually accomplish. The World Army stands poised to join in the conflict as well but whose side they choose, could be a turning point for some of the characters to join the Justice Society. Robinson adds in some new characters and some others, from past storylines. It remains to be seen if Hawkgirl knows about this stunt by the trio and could aid in their escape.

Nicola Scott does another remarkable job with her panels and pages depicting the action. The second page spreads as well as another in the book, are definitely, ready to be framed on your walls! The scenes featuring the World Army heading towards the conflict in Dherain, certainly stand out as well. Her depictions of technological elements such as vehicles are really on point. As much as I enjoyed the cover, I wish Nicola had done it. I particularly enjoyed how Alan Scott was characterized here, being the leader of the new wonders. I do hope new writer Tom Taylor won’t change too much of what Robinson has done to develop these individual characters.

Final Verdict: A

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