July 3, 2013

Review: Batman Incorporated Issue 12

Batman faces The Heretic for the final time! Who survives this brutal fight to the finish? One of the most riveting issues yet of the series!

After the brief story break in issue 11, writer Grant Morrison literally doesn’t hold any punches with issue 12 as he and artist Chris Burnham present the battle we’ve been waiting.  Most of the issue focuses in on the epic confrontation between Batman and The Heretic, with a determined Bruce Wayne seeking nothing but vengeance for the death of Damian. Can’t think of the last time, I’ve ever read Morrison depict Batman in such an emotional state since his confrontation with Simon Hurt in the previous storylines. What we get here, is a Batman beyond rage and reason, in single combat with the creature that murdered his son!

Burnham delivers some powerful scenes with regards to the final confrontation between Batman and The Heretic.  The angled panels capturing the frenzy, brutality and gore of the battle and definitely highlight this issue as well. Morrison adds another wrinkle from the past, as Batman, Incorporated joins forces with another international team, waiting in the wings.  The leader of this team, along with the ladies from the School of Night, looks very familiar. Familiar enough to be the daughter of Otto Netz, perhaps? More surprises from the past!

Good mix of action and drama, with a cliffhanger ending, perfect enough to cap off the series once and for all.

Final Verdict: A

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