July 2, 2013

Review: Uncanny X-Men Issue 7

Behold the wrath of Magik as she seeks the help of a stranger! The conclusion of the battle in Limbo is at hand! Can Cyclops and team make it out alive?

Uncanny X-Men issue 7 wraps up the young team's adventures in Limbo as writer Brian Michael Bendis, has given the new recruits nothing but absolute terror in this brief episode. Of course this little excursion has some traumatizing effects on some of the members as Bendis characterizes so well here.  What I've enjoyed about this team is their uncertainty and hesitation, as they begin their adventures. Not everyone who wants to be a superhero, is truly prepared to be one. These young recruits certainly lack the bravado and intensity, a battle-tested veteran like Cyclops has. Bendis portrays the emotional aspects of their dilemma quite well. This is especially true near the closing scenes and after the battle in Limbo. Bendis' wonderful dialogue is finely littered with the same dark humor.

What more can be said about Frazer Irving's eye-popping artwork? While this issue lacks the amazing two-page spreads from last issue, each panel is filled with the same stunning work throughout. It's his color work that compliments the past few issues quite brilliantly, allowing the mix of dark and light tones to execute the scenes to the fullest extent of Bendis' script. The balance of shadows and lighting effects come out extraordinarily well in an issue filled with some dark pages. Overall, readers will not be disappointed with the story and visual presentation by the creative team. Is that the last we'll see of Magik?

Final Verdict: A

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