October 17, 2013

Review: Fables Issue 134

Bigby Wolf encounters some interesting people in a very special forest, in the afterlife.

The previous Fables story arc "Snow White" had a tragic fate for our hero Bigby Wolf who is featured prominently in this issue. I won't spoil too much of that saga but it does connect well with what writer Bill Willingham has presented here. Issue 134 settles questions regarding the outcome of Bigby Wolf and Prince Brandish's fight during the last few issues of the "Snow White" arc.  As bleak as it is for Snow and her children, the opening moments of this story showcase a dejected Bigby Wolf, as someone who almost gives up on the world, thanks to his most recent adventures. Bigby looks back at the grand scheme of things and ponders if all the struggles and journeys really mattered at all. A certain guest star, prominently hinted at on the cover art, has a most interesting discussion before someone else arrives to have a talk with him too. Perhaps, a final talk as well.

Don't mess with Bigby Wolf!!!

Issue 134 designed to be an interlude within the current "Camelot" arc, is a great story examining Bigby's upheavals in his life and how Snow White has been a factor through all of that. Willingham does paint a pessimitic tone on Bigby's part which reveals more of the character's outlook on things, even in the afterlife. Perhaps, the others who figure prominently in this story can change his mind on things. Maybe it's too late? Willingham chooses to close the story on a ambigious though poignant note, featuring a guest appearance from the "Cubs in Toyland" arc.

Is this the last we'll see of Bigby Wolf for the immediate future?

Final Verdict: 8/10

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