October 21, 2013

Review: Nowhere Men Issue 6

The reunion you've been waiting for is finally here...with disastrous results!

Artist Nate Bellagarde's attention to detail yet simple style, has always been a hallmark of the series along with Eric Stephenson's compelling story. Bellagarde's ability to capture the triumph and downfall of basically, all of our protagonists, has been remarkable and mesmerizing. More of an action-packed story than character exposition, issue 6 showcases some truly dynamic visual effects enhanced by the amazing color work by Jordie Bellaire.

 Nowhere Men issue 6 serves as a reunion of sorts as Stephenson finally brings all the elements of his storyline together, with the Space Station survivors and our World Corp founders. While the latest issue doesn't answer all the questions we have about World Corp's "fab four", Stephenson resolves some lingering details as it relates to the survivors of World Corp. Space Station. The main focus is once again on Simon Grimshaw and delves into his cold calculating actions, in his quest for power and fame. Furthermore, if Stephenson has made you despise Grimshaw throughout the series' progression, then perhaps his fate in this issue will utterly stun you! Issue 6 brilliantly continues the mix of science-fiction, drama and corporate espionage.

Edging closer towards destiny!

If anything, issue 6 serves as the endpoint for the first arc though, as if Stephenson wanted to pile every detail and dangling plotline into this story. It's also a foundation of sorts for new storylines ahead as our protagonists confront new adventures and horrors. The all-too familiar introduction of a new character is thrown in as well, adding more layers of complexity among the established characters and stories already.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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