November 30, 2014

Beth and Maggie Greene: Sisters

Maggie Greene did acknowledge that her sister Beth was missing.  In some way, she also realized the futility in trying to find Beth as well.

Most fans have derided Maggie for simply not caring about or even bothering to look for Beth, ever since the prison fell and they went their separate ways, in Season 4.  In "Too Far Gone", Maggie last saw and knew that Glenn was on the bus but also tried looking for Beth.  She didn't know the whereabouts of her sister once the Governor's forces and the walkers overran the prison.  Maggie eventually escaped with Bob and Sasha while Beth and Daryl went on the run together.

Daryl and Beth after the prison collapse
Maggie discussing with Sasha

It's not until the "Inmates" episode where Maggie acknowledges that she couldn't find and didn't know where Beth went at all.  It would not be hard for Maggie to assume Beth has died as well. Maggie didn't give up on Glenn knowing where the bus he was on, was traveling towards.

Team Prison reunited in Season 5

Maggie finally learns Beth's fate when she is reunited with Daryl in Season 5.  Unfortunately, Daryl has to break the bad news to Maggie about Beth's whereabouts.  Whether the Greene sisters will ever be reunited, remains to be seen.

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