January 13, 2015

Review: Ant-Man Issue One

Scott Lang stars in an all-new solo series, balancing fatherhood and superhero antics at the same time.

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Ant-Man issue one is a perfect jumping point for readers old and new. Spencer weaves Lang's past with flashback sequences, in a story that's welcoming to those lacking absolutely any knowledge of Lang's adventures. We see Lang's past criminal low points as well as his current struggles in finding meaningful employment, even if it means tapping your Avenger friends for work. Can Lang juggle familial duties and protect the world too? Even finding money for groceries is a troubling issue for Lang. 

An enjoyable read throughout, my only gripe was the amount of panels Spencer and Rosanas utilized in this oversized issue. Ant-Man issue one tugs at the heart-strings with plenty of personal elements and real-world struggles (that Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark don't have to worry about) but it also showcases Lang's superhero capabilities. The debut issue doesn't define his supporting cast just yet but you can expect his daughter to have an effect in Lang's further adventures.

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