January 15, 2015

Review: Batgirl Issue 38

Social media comes with a price! Barbara Gordon finds out the hard way when it affects her current relationship status in more ways than one. 

Gordon's desire to hand out street justice backfires when her vigilante activities puts her in direct conflict with someone in her personal life. A great story element by the creative team as Gordon's actions almost leads to a tragic situation...for her! Basking in the internet fame and attention also ties in with the turmoil raging in Gordon's blossoming love life. We discover another pivotal twist here that raises more questions, one of them being: who's behind it all?

Batgirl issue 38 is once again filled with high-tech social media elements. This is one of the joyous features this book offers. Despite recent controversy regarding the previous issue, this book remains contemporary and is also rich in diversity with it's supporting cast. Many of these characters factor in this issue in some capacity. Issue 38 highlights the good and bad facets of society's dependence on social media.

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