February 10, 2015

The Walking Dead: Is Rick Grimes Still the Leader?

Has Rick Grimes' leadership role diminished lately? While he's still the unofficial leader of this team, his decisions have been questioned throughout this season. 


After the fall of their prison sanctuary, Rick Grimes and his group of survivors have managed to remain together. While Rick gave up his leadership status during their stay at the prison, his companions have remained loyal to him for the most part. We witnessed this last season when Daryl Dixon stood up for and rescued his friends, after Rick, Carl and Michonne were captured by Joe and his group.

This current season showcases numerous moments where Rick's once firm influence and control ("Ricktatorship") over his band of survivors, has slowly been eroding. After escaping from Terminus, we witnessed the group's decision not to proceed with Rick's idea to finish their former captors once and for all. This proved fatal down the line as it resulted in Bob's death. Carol's lingering guilt from her actions during and after the fall of the prison, obviously factors in her decision to leave the group.  Abraham also manages to convince a small portion of the team to proceed with him, Rosita and Eugene to Washington D.C. Again, another bad decision with Eugene finally telling the truth.  In episode 9 of season 5, we see Michonne argue with Rick to reconsider the trip to Washington D.C. again.

Perhaps Grimes himself has been overwhelmed with their recent encounters that he has mellowed out and is more accepting of other's input. He is forever in debt to Carol for rescuing the entire team from the clutches of Gareth and his associates at Terminus. It was his decision that led to Carol's banishment from their sanctuary at the prison. Time will tell as the adventures of our survivors continue. For now, Rick Grimes has certainly eased his insistence on seeing things done his way.

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