May 28, 2015


CBS has unveiled the "first look" trailer for the upcoming Supergirl television series. Premiering this fall, the trailer showcases her powers, supporting cast and a glimpse of her tragic past.

Notable appearances in the trailer include Kara Zor-El's boss Cat Grant played by Calista Flockhart and Jimmy Olsen played by Mechad Brooks.  The introduction features a bit of Kara's home Krypton. Here are the original and latest trailers:

Hank Henshaw
Also featured in the trailer is Hank Henshaw as played by David Harewood. Henshaw was a notable character in the 1990s Superman comics, as a frequent antagonist of the Man of Steel. However, in the television series, Henshaw is head of the Department of Extranormal Operations organization. We suspect the DEO, Henshaw and Supergirl will be interacting quite a bit! Whether Henshaw remains on "friendly" terms with Supergirl, remains to be seen.

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