December 15, 2015

Red Wolf Issue One

Besides enduring prejudice, Red Wolf takes on a great mystery, as the wild west comes to life in his debut issue. 

Red Wolf issue one by Nathan Edmondson and Dalibor Talajic gives readers an eye-opening look at life during Red Wolf's time in the past. The creative team doesn't hold back either, as Red Wolf faces
racial hostility and distrust, as the Sheriff of the town called Timely.   Think of a less comedic version of the movie "Blazing Saddles" and you'll how Red Wolf endures the same turbulence, while trying to stay focused in upholding the law. Edmonson explores Red Wolf's cultural side in a few tender moments, when our hero seeks counsel and refuge with his mother. It's these scenes in particular that were the highlights of the issue for me, as we find out hero and mother caught up in a fast-changing world. The ending will definitely be shock for readers but I hope Edmondson and team showcase more of Red Wolf's time in the past.

Artist Dalibor Talajic's work here is really outstanding. Just great art that utilizes and balances light and shadows in some of the panels too. Overall, Talajic's smooth art and simple panels round out this issue.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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