May 1, 2012

Review: Amazing Spiderman Issue 682

Ends of the Earth part 1

A gift for humanity’s future or something far more sinister – what is Doctor Octopus up to? Spiderman’s nemesis Doc Ock stirs up trouble on a global scale with his latest scheme.  With the help of the Sinister Six, does Spiderman stand a chance?

The tragic origin of Dr. Otto Octavius, a nuclear physicist, is captured in the second installment of the original Spiderman movie trilogy.  As you may recall, a horrible accident during one of his experiments causes the fusion of the robotic arms/tentacles to his body.  Having brilliant minds between the both of them, it’s hard not to see the similarities between Spiderman and Doc Ock. 

What separates them of course is the use of their newfound abilities either for good or for evil. It alls boil down to the choices we make in life.  Writer Dan Slott touches upon this element briefly in this issue, as Peter Parker uses his intellect for the benefit and betterment of humanity and simply beyond just taking pictures, with his job at Horizon Labs.  You’ll see the many devices and technologies he’s developed being used which is a sharp contrast to the life and criminal activities of Doc Ock. 

If Spiderman thought his latest troubles with Jonah Jameson in issue 682, was the worse he could deal with boy is he for a surprise.  Deep in the ocean, in his lair, Doc Ock has gathered the Sinister Six together to reveal his latest plan.  Nearing death, he has devised a scheme involving his orbiting satellites across the entire planet and a way to accelerate global warming.  However, his technology can also reverse the deadly effects and save humanity’s future. Tapping into international media frequencies through radio and television, he broadcasts these details for the world to understand. 

A horrific decision awaits for humanity
Doc Ock speaks to the world
Furthermore, he submits his solution to the scientific community to witness and testify for themselves, if he is truthful. Wary of all of this, Spiderman heads over to meet up with the Avengers in his new high-tech costume.  Despite the Avengers debating the situation, Spiderman knows one thing, that Doc Ock has got something up his sleeve, all eight of them!

The Good: Wonderful story especially the contrasting lives of Peter Parker and Otto Octavius

The Bad: Story felt a bit rushed

Final Verdict: A

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