May 1, 2012

Review: Avengers vs. X-Men Issue 2

Not even John Romita Jr.’s spectacular artwork could really save issue 2 of Avengers vs. X-Men. While there are some good qualities about the second issue, it has been reduced to showcasing scenes that branch off into other comic books, forcing the reader to purchase these related titles.

In effect, the focus on The Phoenix force, Hope Summers and The Scarlet Witch as main elements, has been substantially reduced. Instead, what we readers get is page after page of cut scenes and transitions so fast, that it leaves nothing enjoyable about the book itself. You’re left wondering if there’s truly anything you’re missing out by not picking the other titles.


Marvel Comics’ marketing muscle is clearly at work here. Ensuring that the crossover books get a meatier portion of the mega miniseries, while leaving the main title itself almost nothing but bones. This is supposed to last twelve issues which does seem rather long. Even Crisis on Infinite Earths wasn’t this bad in terms of reduced in plot and story quality. I guess it should be expected with these company wide crossovers but when books these days cost around $2.99, can readers afford to catch up on these subplots in other titles? Can people afford to see Hulk take on Colossus in a separate comic-book?

In issue 2, the opening round has begun and the other mutants begin to question Cyclops’ decision in igniting this brawl. Without purchasing the other crossover titles, you can enjoy Iron Man taking on The White Queen and Magneto, a glimpse of Namor vs. The Thing and other snippets of Avengers taking on the mutants. Quicksilver enters the fray on the side of The Avengers and The Scarlet Witch? She’s up to something indeed. Spiderman and Wolverine sneak their way into Utopia and quickly locate Hope Summers. What happens next, is not good for everyone including both teams.

The opening scenes featuring the SHEILD helicarrier, was truly breathtaking though along with the rest of the book. Romita Jr.’s work has never more amazing here, in visualizing not only the characters but all aspects of the miniseries. Despite the incomplete storyline now, Avengers vs. X-Men issue 2 is still an entertaining read. 

The Good: Artwork and tantalizing future subplots

The Bad: Story quality has been greatly reduced and you’ll have to follow the crossover issues to find out what happens to other storylines.

Final Verdict: B

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