September 27, 2012

PREVIEW Earth 2 Issue 8 Cover: The Last Amazon

DC Comics recently announced that artist Yildiray Cinar would be filling in for a few issues of Earth 2, giving current artist Nicola Scott a much needed break. Another revelation which featured teaser cover artwork for Earth issue 8, was that Cinar's run would encompass the arrival of a new character simply called "The Last Amazon". We sort the possible clues on who that character might be. [Update]

We narrowed it down to two possibilities, one of them has direct Earth 2 roots from her via the past DCU continuity and another, shared a bond. Could the Last Amazon of Earth 2 be either Wonder Girl or Fury? Here's a breakdown:

[ UPDATE: Answer revealed at the bottom ]

Why we think it's Fury:

In the previous DCU continuity, Fury was Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor, the daughter of the Golden-Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Bearing the same powers and abilities as her mother, she and a few of the children and descendants of the Earth 2 eventually formed the team Infinity, Inc. She eventually gets into a relationship with teammate Hector Hall and their child figures heavily in the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. Fury's Earth-2 roots lead us to believe that she's the Last Amazon.

Why we think it's Wonder Girl:

If any character has grown through "origin hell", it would be Wonder Girl aka Donna Troy. Her story has been revamped so many times, we don't even remember what to follow anymore. Her original roots have her being given Amazon abilities. Donna remains an interesting character whose convoluted history deserves well, another chance in this new and different setting. Given that she hasn't appeared yet in the New 52 and the diminishing need and remote chance of DC Comics resurrecting her in the current New 52 timeline, we think she's the Last Amazon of Earth-2.

Why we could be wrong:

Of course, we could be completely wrong and it could be a different and new character altogether. Cilnar's pencil work for Earth 2 issue 8 shows a woman utilizing a whip or a lasso. She could be a combination of both characters.


Answer: Fury. This was revealed at a recent Comic Vine Podcast.

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  1. What about Artemis? Mind you, I'm rooting for Donna.

  2. Yeah she's definitely a great possibility and this outfit almost resembles Artemis' look! No sword though and that whip/lasso/noose is throwing us off! Thanks!