March 6, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 10

The element of magic continues as Wotan reveals his dark quest for power! Can The Flash and the inevitable Dr. Fate stop Wotan from accomplishing this feat? Also, a major character makes his return!

All eyes are on young Khalid Ben-Hassin as he no doubt becomes Dr. Fate despite his fear of donning the helmet. Both he and Garrick are unwilling pawns of Wotan in the being's quest for the helmet and the power of Nabu. Writer James Robinson pours a tremendous amount of focus on the magic aspect of the Earth 2 series, providing details of Wotan aka Karel Wotan and the backstory behind its (Wotan has been revealed to both female and male, at any instance) plan in the kidnapping of our heroes.

Robinson captures the youth and inexperience of young Garrick as he and his mother are unfortunately caught in this war (Garrick will no doubt become a fan favorite as his aloof nature and personality is a great contrast to that of Alan Scott and Kendra Saunders). The use and fate of Garrick's mother is an interesting element by Robinson and if danger draws closer to her, could Garrick become more confident in his ways? I wonder what Robinson has in mind for her unless Mrs. Garrick is simply an innocent bystander.

 Speaking of Alan Scott, issue 10 also has a subplot dealing with his past and the mystery behind a tragic event. Its an interesting development no doubt and readers will be in for a surprise as to which one of our heroes, Scott meets up with later in the story. Artist Nicola Scott once again amazes us all with some stunning pages and panels in this issue. Nicola's page layouts here rival artist Chris Bachalo and the visual splendor he provides for the Uncanny X-Men series. You'll see her wonderful work shine in the Realm of Nabu/Wotan pages. Saunder's origin is partly revealed with an connection to Ben-Hassin's uh, fate. There's room for interpretation for Wotan's motives with his quest in this issue, so don't be surprised if Robinson turns the tables with this character. Overall, Earth 2 issue 10 is another jam-packed story filled with more revelations and further surprises. 

Final Verdict: A

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