May 23, 2013

Review: Batman Incorporated Issue 11

Thrills and chills in this exciting tale featuring the Batman of Japan as he faces the might of Lady Tiger Fist with a surprise twist at the end! 


Despite being previously unsolicited and almost serving as a filler issue, towards the end of Grant Morrison's run on the book, Batman Incorporated issue 11 is as a good as a start, in expanding the series' mythos.  Although the antagonist portrayed does have a connection to Talia al Ghul's criminal organization, writer Chris Burnham could've easily removed that point in the story.  The stand-alone tale for the Batman of Japan would've been just as good without any connection to Morrison's ongoing saga. Introduced way back in the debut issue and arc of Batman, Incorporated volume one (and again in volume two's zero issue), Jiro's return and spotlight is certainly a much needed break from the turmoil between Bruce Wayne and Talia.

In that issue, we actually discovered that it was Jiro doing all the physical work as the Batman of Japan, when Wayne dropped by to recruit for his global team. We see more of Jiro's intellect and ass-kicking methods, in his own adventure against Lady Tiger Fist. Burnham also captures Jiro's abilities and technical prowess, showcasing his technological armaments and quick-thinking skills all the way to the end!

Jiro's action-packed adventure is filled with homages (Devil Dinosaur?) campy elements, humor and Burnham's dialogue, which is both quite good and bad ("you promiscous butt chunks") at times. References to classic elements from Batman, Incorporated (Internet 3.0) are litter throughout the issue as artist Jorge Lucas provides some Kirby-esque work here. Certain scenes with Jiro and his array of gadgers are a throwback to classic Batman stories as well as nods to Japanese pop culture (Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, etc.). Burnham saves the best for last with a story twist that'll leave readers breathing a sigh of relief, after what happens to Canary and Jiro!

We are hopeful that one day Burnham will revive the Batman, Incorporated series long after the Leviathan saga is finished, considering the great story featured in issue 11. It's clear that with Jiro and the vast elements of this saga, there are more stories waiting to be told!

Final Verdict: A

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