May 23, 2013

Review: Uncanny X-Men Issue 6

 How does the team fare against Dormammu and all of his might?

Scott Summers' young team gets their first true challenge yet, as the group faces off against Dormammu in the Limbo realm! Writer Brian Michael Bendis captures the fear and confusion of this young team quite well as they confront Lord Dormammu, with his control over Illyana and her Darkchylde persona. The young ones aren't exactly prepared for a confrontation of this magnitude but some help from Emma Frost and the Stepford triplets, gives them spark to fight for their lives! The action is wonderfully depicted by artist Frazer Irving and his stunning visuals, especially his two page spreads which takes the reader right into the action in Limbo. Irving does this more than once by giving the audience some amazing perspective into the scenes and story. A surprise member at the end of the story will certainly shake things up for the team but is also welcome return to a beloved character.

Overall, Bendis and Irving deliver another great story filled with action, drama and intrigue, within the two separate ongoing stories in Uncanny X-Men issue 6. Bendis captures human emotions within Triage, Tempus and Fabio perfectly, as would anybody in a situation confronting the horror that is Dormammu would express the same hesitation and fear. They certainly don't have the fortitude yet as shown by Worthington (even when he was their age) but in time perhaps Bendis will show them living up to their potential. The comedic scenes at the beginning, balance out the intensity and suspense throughout issue 6. What more can be said of Irving's artistic splendor here other than "wow", during the scenes in Limbo. Six issues in and Bendis continues to engage readers with captivating dialogue and stories.  The dazzling subplots that Bendis' sets up for the future, should entice readers to stay onboard for what's ahead.

Final Verdict: A

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